Frequently Asked Questions

Why The Pinnacle App?
  • The app provides a centralized location where all work products are held while allowing full transparency throughout the entire organization.  This helps team members hold themselves and their colleagues accountable for fulfilling the overall vision of the company while completing the high value actions that help them succeed. 


Does this replace or Bloom Growth?
  • The Pinnacle App, was specifically designed by and for Pinnacle Guides and their Clients, and is a competitor of and Bloom Growth. The major differentiating factor, especially when compared to and Bloom Growth, is the feature set.  There are approximately 20 different features and tools in both and Bloom Growth, while there are over 60 tools in The Pinnacle App. 


Why is this better?
  • The Pinnacle Framework is different from other operating systems as it’s journey has numerous expanded features and services that the Guides offer to their Clients. The Pinnacle App directly mirrors the mission of Pinnacle and compliments every aspect of the framework to provide the exact technology tools that companies need to implement and succeed with Pinnacle.
Why is this better than written notes or something like Google Docs?
  • Written notes quite simply cannot be easily shared with a team and are definitely not interlinked with specific projects, action items, rocks, or any sort of accountability.  While Google Docs is a good solution for writing up documents that you may want to share with a team or draft for clients, it is not designed to be a system to manage tasks, track accountability, or to run a meeting.  The benefit and value of The Pinnacle App lies in its design.  It is designed to track your meetings, your rocks, your action items, and in the very near future, your entire project management process.  Everything is automatically centralized and fully integrated into the scoreboard for accountability.  There is nothing to lose track of, or additional steps to take, to ensure that a task in a project is documented, linked to the larger project, then linked to a rock.  This in turn is integrated into the scoreboard that leadership can see at a glance.  There is no other tool that does all of this.
What value does this drive?
  • The Pinnacle App drives value in numerous ways.  One of the most important areas of value is employee retention.  It is the goal of any leader to have the right people in the right seats.  In order to accomplish this each employee needs to have measurable accountabilities.  When these things are transparent and available to the entire team, the best employees hold each other accountable and help each other reach their goals.  When people are aware of what they are accountable for and they achieve their goals, they feel more fulfilled and therefore more likely to stay with a company.  Our tool allows any team to quickly and easily do exactly that.
    What is the impact on company culture?
    • The impact that The Pinnacle App has on culture is immense and difficult to measure.  The experience is truly transformational as it allows employees from every level to have a voice in the strategy and success of the entire company while simultaneously providing accountability among their teammates.  This type of environment fosters a more positive culture that allows the best of each person to shine through and encourages career growth.  Having a clear path to their personal growth within a company makes people more motivated to succeed and more productive in their daily tasks.  This in turn increases overall efficiency and profitability.
    How much duplication is there when using The Pinnacle App and other platforms, like a CRM or document manager?
    • Can some of what a client does in The Pinnacle App be done in a document, CRM, email client, or project management software? Yes, absolutely some things can be done there, BUT, not one of those platforms can do everything that The Pinnacle App can, and none of them allow cross-functional transparency into company vision, rocks, individual action items or to hold their teammates accountable.  If a company is using those other platforms, might there be some additional data entry today? The honest answer is yes there might be.  Is it worth it? Most definitely!  As mentioned above, there is not one other solution that does everything The Pinnacle App does, and is all in one fully integrated and easy to use platform. The Pinnacle App allows easy visibility into measurables such as the Scoreboard where you can see at a quick glance exactly what is being done or not, who is successful or not, and how close someone may or may not be to being successful.  Also something to note is that in the near future as more features are released, the API will be able to integrate with those other platforms completely eliminating any need for double data entry at all
    How do you control the data download and employee access/usage to this sensitive info?
    • For The Pinnacle App employees, there is no easy way for any person to either access all data or download what they are able access.  Only very high level system administrators have access to all data and even they are not able to easily see private information.  The average employee can only see what is useful for their specific job function, and even leadership team members’ access to data is limited to only what they need for their own job function.  We do this by utilizing metadata.  That metadata is used to trigger automated actions in our system and is also aggregated in order to generate reports that appear on dashboards or used for accountability.  This eliminates the need to see individual client data on a daily basis.  For financial information such as billing, that is done through a third party payment processor and we never have access to specific information such as the whole credit card number, other information such as the last 4 of a credit card number are only available to members of the finance team and we only allow support team to see the last 2 digits in order to be able to verify the right card is being used or not with a client on a call.
    • In regards to the client’s employees, they are granted access to things in their portal by their administrators and will have that access until it is revoked by their admin team.  There is no easy way to export data as an individual user and no way from within our software to easily print something.